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Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 89

Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and declare that the University of Alaska, Anchorage, School of Justice will serve as the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center

Administrative Order No. 87

Policy of the State government to encourage the use of Alaska agricultural, seafood, and timber products in order to expand local industry and strengthen the rural economy

Administrative Order No. 85

Regarding the development and implementation of a published safety belt use policy for persons in motor vehicles while on State business

Administrative Order No. 84

Designates the Department of Labor as the agency responsible for the implementation of an occupational information system to meet the common needs for the planning and operation of programs authorized by the Carl Perkins Act

Administrative Order No. 82

Repeal of Administrative Order 52 (establishing the Agency Advisory Committee on Leasing) and support of Administrative Order 78 (Procedures for the Alaska Coastal Management Program Project Consistency Reviews)

Administrative Order No. 81

Amends and supplements Administrative Order 75, the general policy on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment

Administrative Order No. 78

Procedures for the Alaska Coastal Management Program Project Consistency Reviews. This Order is organized in seven parts

Administrative Order No. 77

Creation of the Department of Corrections under the direction of Deputy Commissioner of Adult Corrections Roger Endell

Administrative Order No. 76

The purpose of this order is (1) to assure that there is no unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful discrimination in the award of contracts and subcontracts for public works projects undertaken by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; (2) to overcome effects of past discrimination against minorities, women and other classes of persons protected by AS 18.80.200 etc.

Procedures for Implementing Administrative Order No. 75

State of Alaska Procedures for Implementing Administrative Order Number 75 Contents Scope of Authority Limitations Dissemination of Policy Assignment of Responsibility Administration of Administrative Order Number Action Oriented Programs Appendices Appendix A -...

Administrative Order No. 72

The use of the Facsimile Signature of the Department of Administration and, where applicable, the Commissioner of Labor to checks and warrants issued by the State, until the new facsimile signatures of the new Commissioners are available

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