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Administrative Order No. 89

WHEREAS, reductions in crime and increased efficiency in the administration of justice are priority Alaska goals of this administration;

WHEREAS, the Office of the Governor and departments of state government charged with the administration of the justice system require the best possible statistical information and accurate analysis of crime, delinquency and the functioning of the justice system;

WHEREAS, declining state government revenues require increasing efficiency within the justice system, and the best possible crime and justice information to assist in future decisions;

WHEREAS, the federal government has dedicated funds available which may be sought for the support of an Alaska statistical analysis center to obtain data, examine and make forecasts and observations about the extent and nature of criminal activity and the administration of justice, both at the state and national levels; and

WHEREAS, the administrators of the Departments of Law, Public Safety and Corrections have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Alaska, Anchorage School of Justice pledging cooperation and assistance to the University in the development and operation of the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bill Sheffield, Governor of the State of Alaska, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by The Constitution of the State of Alaska, Article III, Section I, direct complete implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and declare that the University of Alaska, Anchorage, School of Justice will serve as the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center and, consistent with the mission of the School, be responsible for assisting Alaska criminal justice agencies and state and local governments and officials by:

1. maintaining data and researching available information bases;

2. providing advice and service related to technical and procedural problems involving statistical analysis of justice data;

3. developing methods and conducting statistical analysis;

4. responding to requests for justice information; and

5. providing Alaska representation on the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics.

This Order takes effect immediately.

Dated this 2nd day of July 1986.

S/S Bill Sheffield
Bill Sheffield
Governor of the State of Alaska

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