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Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 300

AO 300 – Responding to Alaska’s Linguistic Emergency and Increasing Collaboration with Tribes

Administrative Order No. 296

AO 296 To affirm the State of Alaska’s commitment to protecting the privacy of Executive Branch employees

Administrative Order No. 294

AO 294 Revoke Administrative Orders 214 and 236 and establish the Alaska Council on the Homeless within the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Administrative Order No. 287

AO 287 Establishing the Governor’s Advisory Board on Roads and Highways to advise the Governor and Commissioner of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

Administrative Order No. 284

AO 284 Reorganizing telecommunication and information technology services within the executive branch.

Administrative Order No. 283

AO 283 Outlining a plan to address the heroin and opioid epidemic and overdose-related deaths in Alaska.

Administrative Order No. 282

AO 282 Relating to the State of Alaska pay status of the Alaska National Guard Adjutant General and Assistant Adjutants General while in federal pay status.

Administrative Order No. 281

AO 281 Ordering development of a plan to streamline and focus the state’s economic development corporations.

Administrative Order No. 279

AO 279 Transferring the administrative and research functions of the Alaska Commerical Fisheries Entry Commission to the Department of Fish and Game.

Administrative Order No. 278

AO 278 Revoking and replacing Administrative Order 226 relating to apprenticeships utilization for construction projects financed by the State of Alaska.

Administrative Order No. 274

AO 274 Revoking Administrative Order No. 271 only as related to the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project.

Administrative Order No. 272

AO 272 Facilitating collaboration and coordination among governmental and other entities involved with consumer energy.

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