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Administrative Order No. 85

WHEREAS, this State Administrative Order requires the driver and passenger in motor vehicles used in the conduct of State business, including privately owned vehicles used in the conduct of State business, to wear safety belts; and

WHEREAS, this State Administrative Order also requires persons transporting young children in motor vehicles in the conduct of State business to utilize approved child safety devices as required by AS 28.05.095; and

WHEREAS, the term “motor vehicle” as used in this order is defined as a motor vehicle operated or driven on a highway or vehicular way and equipped with safety belts (i.e. typical street automobiles and trucks); and

WHEREAS, surveys indicate that less than one-third of motor vehicle occupants in Alaska routinely wear safety belts; and

WHEREAS, a major cause of injury and death from motor vehicle accidents is the failure of drivers and passengers to wear safety belts; and

WHEREAS, during the past two years approximately 57 State employees were injured while driving on State business; and

WHEREAS, lost employee time and workers’ compensation payments represent a significant loss to the State of Alaska; and

WHEREAS, safety belts have been proven effective in reducing traffic deaths and the severity of traffic injuries, when used;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Bill Sheffield, Governor of the State of Alaska, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Alaska, do hereby issue this Administrative Order to become effective immediately:

1. All State agencies, departments, boards, commissions, and offices, subject to the mandatory authority of the Governor, shall develop and implement a published safety belt use policy for persons in motor vehicles while on State business.

2. Every safety belt use policy shall include a plan for achieving compliance which shall contain a requirement that employees attest to having read and understood the provisions of the Administrative Order.

3. The State Highway Safety Planning Agency shall arrange to distribute when needed to every State department, office, or authority, safety belt information materials.

4. All State entities exempt from the mandatory authority of the Governor are hereby requested to implement voluntarily the provisions of this Order.

5. Safety belt information materials shall be made available at all new employee orientation meetings and at such other times as are appropriate for carrying out the safety belt use policy.

6. All State employees are requested to voluntarily wear safety belts in motor vehicles when they are not traveling on State business, and encouraged to obey the requirements of the child safety device law under AS 28.05.095.

Dated at Juneau, Alaska, this 14 day of October, 1985.

S/S Bill Sheffield
Bill Sheffield
Governor of the State of Alaska

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