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Administrative Order No. 82

Administrative Order No. 78, signed on December 20, 1983, and regulations at 6 AAC 50, pertain to permit regulations and the coordination of procedures for issuance of state permits on a project basis. These permit reform procedures and regulations require that the Department of Natural Resources leasing decisions in the coastal zone be carefully coordinated with all resource agencies and provide for the full participation of affected communities.

Prior to the issuance of Administrative Order No. 78 and 6 AAC 50, Administrative Order No. 52 established an Agency Advisory Committee on Leasing (AACL). This cumbersome group of nine Cabinet members reported directly to the Governor on the relative costs and benefits of specific lease sale decisions. While the sentiments leading to a desire for greater coordination of natural resources were admirable as embodied in Administrative Order No. 52, I believe the new procedures in Administrative Order No. 78, and 6 AAC 50, make the AACL superfluous. Consequently, Administrative Order No. 52 which established the Agency Advisory Committee on Leasing is repealed.

Dated at Juneau, Alaska, this 7th of February, 1985.

S/S Bill Sheffield
Bill Sheffield
Governor of the State of Alaska

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