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Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 230

AO 230 Establishes the position of Alaska Energy Policy Advisor in the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

Administrative Order No. 229

AO 229 Naming the commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, through the commissioner’s designee, the Lease Monitoring and Engineering Integrity Coordinator.

Administrative Order No. 227

AO 227 Establishes Executive Branch procurement prohibitions with companies incorporated or headquartered in countries as “Tier 3.”

Administrative Order No. 226

AO 226 Apprenticeship utilization for State of Alaska heavy and highway construction projects financed by the State of Alaska. The purpose of this Order is to ensure that a skilled construction work force will be available to meet future construction project demands within the state.

Administrative Order No. 225

AO 225 Establishes rules regarding the appointment of rehired retirees, as allowed by ch. 57, SLA 2001 (HB242), to positions in the classified service of the executive branch of state government.

Administrative Order No. 224

AO 224 Providing a framework for cooperation that enhances collaboration between the State of Alaska and the Denali Commission by providing a common definition of sustainability.

Administrative Order No. 223

AO 223 Establishes the position of Alaska Ocean Policy Coordinator in the Department of Fish and Game to recommend to and coordinate with the Ocean Policy Cabinet, and other state agencies, state policies for ocean research and management in Alaska.

Administrative Order No. 222

AO 222 Establishes with the Dept. of Natural Resources Div. of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, the Outdoor Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (ORTAB). This order revokes Admin Order # 161 & amends Administrative Order # 193 regarding the TRAAK Board.

Administrative Order No. 221

AO 221 Establishes the Governor’s Advisory Council and The Office of Faith Based Community Initiatives in the Department of Health and Social Services

Administrative Order No. 219

AO 219 Transferring certain functions of the Corporations section to the Division of Occupational Licensing in the Department of Commerce Community and Economic Development

Administrative Order No. 217

AO 217 Amending of AO #203, regarding consolidation of the Division of Emergency Services in the division of Homeland Security.

Administrative Order No. 214

AO 214 Establishes the Alaska Council on the Homeless in the Office of the Governor to develop a statewide plan that would include short-term and long-term strategies to effectively address the problem of Alaska’s homeless population.

Administrative Order No. 213

AO 213 Orders that an employee of the State of Alaska who is a member of a reserve or auxiliary component of the United States armed forces and is ordered to active duty due to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan is authorized to continue to receive state group life and health benefits.

Administrative Order No. 212

AO 212 Orders that expenditures be made from the Disaster Relief Fund to supplement funds from other available sources to repair and replace roads and bridges on the Parks Highway, Elliot Highway, Copper River Highway and Chena Hot Springs Road which were damaged by localized flooding during unseasonably heavy rains.

Administrative Order No. 211

AO 211 Dated 7/3/03: Amending AO 204, as amended by AO 206, to change the composition of the Aviation Advisory Board.

Administrative Order No. 210

Administrative Order 210 dated May 20, 2003, designates the State of Alaska as a single state workforce investment area under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998; designates the Alaska Workforce Investment Board as the state’s sole workforce investment board; changes AO 205 to modify the reorganization of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development; and takes effect 7/1/03.

Administrative Order No. 209

AO 209 dated May 2, 2003, Amending AO 206 and changes to AO 204 relating to Alaska Marine Highways System organization.

Administrative Order No. 208

Establishes that the Telecommunication Information Council shall set guidelines for the State of Alaska’s Internet web pages and transfers the responsibility for the State of Alaska’s website from the Department of Administration to the Office of the Governor.

Administrative Order No. 206

Amending Administrative Order 204 by changing the compositions of the Marine Transportation Advisory and the Aviation Advisory Boards and designating a deputy commissioner for aviation.

Administrative Order No. 204

Orders reorganization of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and creates the temporary interim Aviation Advisory Board and Marine Transportation Advisory Board.

Administrative Order No. 202

Orders all principal departments of the executive branch to perform internal performance audits to be coordinated by the Office of Management and Budget, Office of the Governor.

Administrative Order No. 201

Orders all principal departments of the executive branch to suspend hiring actions, out-of-state travel and awarding personal services contracts without the express written direction of the Office of the Governor; in effect until January 31, 2003.

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