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Administrative Order No. 208

Under the authority of art. III, secs. 1 and 24, of the Alaska Constitution and AS 44.17.060, AS 44.19.502, and AS 44.19.504, I order the following changes regarding the State of Alaska’s Internet websites:

  1. The Telecommunications Information Council (TIC) (AS 44.19.502) shall establish guidelines, consistent with state law, for all state agencies in the executive branch regarding information and other content provided on the State of Alaska’s Internet web pages that are maintained by those state agencies and that are accessible by the general public and other parties outside state government.
  2. The Office of the Governor will provide policy direction and other assistance to the TIC to facilitate the planning, development, and implementation of the guidelines, and to facilitate the management of the state’s Internet web pages under the guidelines.
  3. The responsibility for maintenance of the State of Alaska’s primary Internet website ( and other primary point-of-access Internet websites that may be established by the executive branch is transferred from the Department of Administration to the Office of the Governor. Only the Office of the Governor may post information to the State of Alaska’s primary Internet website.
  4. Activities under paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Order are to be financed through the information services fund (AS 44.21.045(a)) as a cost of the TIC in accordance with AS 44.21.045(c)(1), subject to appropriation.
  5. Each department in the executive branch shall continue to be responsible for maintaining that department’s primary Internet website, including all links and content associated with that department’s mission, in cooperation with the TIC and the Office of the Governor.

This Order takes effect immediately.

DATED at Juneau, Alaska, this 9th day of April, 2003.

/s/Frank H. Murkowski

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