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Administrative Order No. 55

Subject: State Major Project Review Process

Under the authority of Art. III, Sections 1 and 24 of the Alaska Constitution, and AS 44.19.880, and given the need for timely, consistent, and thorough evaluation of proposed major projects or activities, I order that the following review process be instituted:

1. Certain projects, because of their statewide or regional significance will be designated by me as major projects subject to a Major Project Review.

2. Any state agency to which I assign the lead responsibility for conducting a Major Project Review shall prepare and submit to me the information contained on the Project Analysis Summary Sheet (Attachment A) within 10 days of the assignment.

3. By the assigned date, the lead agency shall prepare and submit to me a preliminary Project Analysis which addresses the evaluation factors specified by me (Attachment B).

4. Immediately upon receipt of the preliminary Project Analysis, the Division of Policy Development and Planning (DPDP), Office of the Governor, shall forward informational copies to each affected or interested governmental agency. By the assigned dates each agency shall submit to DPDP its review and comment.

5. During the period of agency review of the preliminary Project Analysis, the Public Forum or DPDP, in consultation with the lead agency, shall conduct one or more public meetings in the affected area(s) for the purpose of receiving public comments on the project or actions.

6. By the assigned date, DPDP shall submit in writing to the lead agency, a summary of the review along with recommendations for the final Project Analysis.

7. By the assigned date, the lead agency, in conjunction with DPDP, shall prepare and submit to me, in writing and verbally, a final version of the Project Analysis. The Project Analysis shall include dissenting views, recommendations for further action and, where appropriate specific conditions or mitigation measures necessary for state approval of the project or action.

8. No designated major project or action will be approved prior to the completion of the process described above, unless a prior written waiver of necessity has been obtained from me.

9. The review specified in this order shall be coordinated with procedures contained in AS 46.35, Environmental Procedure Coordination Act, and other state review processes, as applicable.

10. No provision above is to be interpreted to interfere with the statutory requirements of any agency in the issuance of permits.

11. This order shall take effect immediately.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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