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AO55 Attachment B

Attachment B
Project Evaluation Factors


1. What changes would be generated in real per capita personal income for current resident Alaskans over the life of the project (construction and operational phases)?

2. What are the employment and population changes expected to result from the project?

a. What proportion of jobs are expected to be occupied by current Alaskans?

b. What are the characteristics of these jobs (seasonality, skill level, occupational category, short-term, long-term)?

3. Does the project contribute to long-run economic stability? What short or long-term price effects are expected to result from the project?

4. What administrative roadblocks exist which would affect the economic feasibility of a project?

Community Well-Being

1. What changes are expected in the quality, availability, or demand for governmental goods, services or facilities?

2. Are changes in housing conditions expected (e.g., availability, price, quality)?

3. What local population changes are expected (e.g., amount and rate
of change, characteristics of expected in-migrants)? Are population changes expected to cause significant value or lifestyle conflicts? Is displacement from traditional occupations expected?

4. Do adequate local growth management capabilities (land use plans, ordinances, revenue-generating mechanisms) exist?

5. What is public sentiment (local and statewide) toward the proposed project?


1. What effect would the project have on the net balance of state and local expenditures versus revenues over time?

2. Are there explicit or implicit state subsidies associated with the project? If so, what is the extent of such subsidies?

Resource Utilization

1. What effect will the project have on resource industry potentials or other resource values? Will the project result in irreversible resource commitments?

2. Will the project affect fish and wildlife populations or their habitat? Will these effects be short-term or long-term in nature?

3. Will the project affect subsistence resources? For example, are changes in migration patterns, loss of species, dislocation, or availability changes expected?

4. Will the project affect designated or specifically defined wilderness, historic, watershed, recreational or scenic areas?

Environmental Quality

1. What are the anticipated effects of the project on the environmental health or safety of the populace?

2. What are the provisions for environmental monitoring, surveillance, and quality control?


1. Does the project involve technological, environmental, financial, or economic factors Which have a high degree of uncertainty or risk?

2. To what extent is the existing data base adequate to answer the
above questions?

3. Are there external factors (e.g., national or international) which figure Prominently in the Success or failure of the project?


1. Are there economically feasible and socially acceptable alternatives for accomplishing the objectives of the project?

2. What would be the implications of non-approval of the project?


1. Is the proposed project or action compatible with local arid state plans or policies?

2. What permits, licenses and/or governmental (state, local and/or federal) approvals are necessary?

3. What is the timetable for various stages of the project? How flexible is this schedule?

4. What mitigation measures or Stipulations can be identified to minimize the conflicts or problems identified above?

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