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AO55 Attachment A

Attachment A
Summary Sheet

State Major Project Analysis

Project Title


Brief description of scope, nature, and objectives of project or action, including location of project, estimated start and completion date, estimated cost of project, state interest in project.

State Action Requested/Required

Permits sought, by agency; resources necessary; public facilities to be constructed; mineral or other rights, contracts, leases, etc.

Lead Agency

Lead Agency responsibility, including designated person
responsible for Project Analysis.

Agency Participation

Other agencies and individuals assigned to the project analysis effort and their responsibilities. Proposed contractual assistance.

Estimated Completion Dates
Preliminary Project Analysis____(____days from Governor’s assignment)
Agency and Public Review________(____days from Preliminary Project Analysis)
Summary Report__________________(____days from Agency and Public Review)
Final Project Analysis__________(____days from Summary Report)

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