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Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 19

Ordering the Commissioner of Education is responsible for administering the Guaranteed Loan Program for Alaska students.

Administrative Order No. 16

Transferring Division of Protection from the Department of Fish and Game to the Department of Public Safety.

Administrative Order No. 14

Authorizing expenditure of up to $250,000 from Disaster Relief Fund to be used in the Matanuska Valley (August flood).

Administrative Order No. 13

Transferring CAMPS from the Department of Labor to the Office of the Governor, Division of Planning and Research.

Administrative Order No. 12

Transferring from the Division of Planning and Research to the Local Affairs Agency the authorized representative to the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Administrative Order No. 11

Rescinding Executive Order No. 36 and placing the Neighbor Youth Corps under the Office of the Governor.

Administrative Order No. 3

Appointing the Governor’s Executive Assistant as Acting Commissioner to the Department of Economic Development and Planning because of limited funds appropriated by the Legislature.

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