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Administrative Order No. 233

I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority of art. III, secs. 1 and 24, of the Alaska Constitution, and in accordance with AS 44.19.145(c), establish the Alaska Marine Transportation Advisory Board (board) in the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (department).


The purpose of the board is to provide recommendations to the governor and the commissioner of the department on the department’s exercise of its marine transportation functions assigned by law.

Duties of the Board

The board’s duties are to:

  1. meet at the call of the chair to carry out its advisory functions;
  2. hold public hearings as necessary or use other means to solicit information from the public for the development of the board’s recommendations; and
  3. prepare and submit to the governor and the commissioner of the department recommendations concerning the department’s marine transportation functions assigned by law.


The board consists of nine members appointed by the governor, to serve at the pleasure of the governor. The governor will appoint the members as follows:

  1. a member representing labor unions of employees of the Alaska Marine Highway System;
  2. a member from Northern Southeast Alaska representing the municipalities of Haines, Juneau, Sitka, and Skagway;
  3. a member from Southern Southeast Alaska representing the municipalities of Ketchikan, Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Metlakatla, Petersburg, and Wrangell, and the cities and communities of Prince of Wales Island;
  4. a member from Southeast Alaska representing the cities of Angoon, Hoonah, Kake, Pelican, and Tenakee;
  5. a member from the Prince William Sound/Kenai Peninsula area representing the cities of Cordova, Seward, Valdez, and Whittier, the City and Borough of Yakutat, and the communities of Chenega Bay and Tatitlek;
  6. a member from the Southwest Alaska/Aleutian Chain/Alaska Peninsula area representing the cities of Akutan, Chignik, Cold Bay, False Pass, Homer, King Cove, Kodiak, Port Lions, Sand Point, Seldovia, Unalaska, and Dutch Harbor; and
  7. three other members appointed by the governor.

Board members must be persons with an interest or background in marine transportation matters in this state.

The governor will designate the chair of the board. The board may elect other officers as determined necessary.

Administrative Support

The department shall provide administrative support for the board.

General Provisions

Board members do not receive compensation as a member of the board. Members of the board who are not state or federal employees are entitled to per diem and travel expenses in the same manner permitted for members of state boards and commissions. Per diem and travel expenses for members of the board who are a representative of a state or federal agency are the responsibility of that agency.

To reduce costs, the board may use teleconferencing or other electronic means, to the extent practicable, in order to gain the widest public participation at minimum cost.

Meetings of the board shall be conducted, and notice of the meetings and hearings provided, in accordance with AS 44.62.310 and 44.62.320 (Open Meetings of Governmental Bodies).

Records of the board are subject to inspection and copying as public records under AS 40.25.110 – 40.25.220.

This Order takes effect immediately.
DATED at Juneau, Alaska, this 28th day of March, 2007.

/s/Sarah Palin

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