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Administrative Order No. 169

I, Tony Knowles, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority of art. III, sec. 1, of the Alaska Constitution, and AS 26.23.300(c), make the following findings and order:

Based on information I have received from the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs concerning the storm that damaged several Bering and Chukchi Sea communities in Alaska during October 27 through October 30, 1996, I have determined that this event posed a direct and imminent threat of disaster of sufficient magnitude and severity to justify state action.

The Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs, division of emergency services (DES), activated the Emergency Response Team which re-established communications with Diomede, Alaska, shortly after the storm. DES also provided minor equipment fluids and parts needed to expedite repairs to reestablish life safety services. I find it appropriate that money from the disaster relief fund (AS 26.23.300(a)) be expended to cover the expenses incurred by DES in its emergency response. I direct that such expenditures be made as is consistent with AS 26.23.010 – 26.23.220 (Alaska Disaster Act), including AS 26.23.300(c).

This order takes effect immediately and is retroactive to October 27, 1996.

Dated at Juneau, Alaska this 13 day of January, 1997.

By: S/S Tony Knowles
Tony Knowles

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