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Administrative Order No. 149

I, Walter J. Hickel, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority of art. III, secs. 1, 16, and 24, of the Alaska Constitution and AS 44.19.145(c), hereby establish by Administrative Order the Alaska Statewide Independent Living Council (council).

Section 1. PURPOSE

The council shall serve as the Statewide Independent Living Council for Alaska required for the receipt of federal financial assistance under 29 U.S.C. 796d, as amended as of July 1, 1994.

Section 2. DUTIES

The council shall perform the duties set out in 29 U.S.C. 796d, to allow the receipt of federal financial assistance in Alaska for independent living services and centers for independent living for Alaskans with severe disabilities. The council may hold hearings or forums in Alaska as the council determines necessary to carry out its duties.


The Governor will appoint members to the council who meet the applicable membership requirements set out in 29 U.S.C. 796d. A term of a member will be three years unless the appointment is to fill a vacancy for the remaining years of a prior member’s term. A member may not serve more than two consecutive full terms.


The Alaska Department of Education will serve as lead contact agency for the council. The Alaska Department of Education shall provide reasonable and necessary professional and technical assistance requested by the council.

This Order takes effect immediately.

Dated at Juneau, Alaska this 26 day of October, 1994.

By: S/S Walter J. Hickel
Walter J. Hickel
Governor of the State of Alaska

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