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Administrative Order No. 147

I, Walter J. Hickel, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority granted by Article III of the Alaska Constitution, hereby establish the Alaska Human Resource Development Advisory Council


The development of a literate, skilled and productive work force is beneficial to the overall well-being of Alaska’s economy and a higher quality of life for Alaska’s citizens. A quality work force attracts new businesses to Alaska, expands the opportunities for private sector businesses, improves delivery of public services and minimizes financial dependence on state health and social service programs.

Therefore, it is in the interest of the state that programs related to economic development, primary and secondary education, vocational education, lob training, and social services adopt as a primary goal assisting Alaskans to acquire the skills necessary to support their individual economic independence as well as the collective economic interests of the state.


A comprehensive human resource development policy is needed to ensure that relevant public and private efforts are focused on a common goal and to enhance coordination of policy implementation. Such a policy will focus related state programs toward a common and important goal. To this end, a temporary Alaska Human Resource Development Advisory Council is established. The council shall formulate a state policy for human resource development.

The policy shall reflect the council’s examination of the following:

  1. The respective roles of government, community, and private sector in development of the state’s human resources and how that role is best fulfilled.
  2.  Identification of the specific governmental entities which affect human resource development and how they should integrate to achieve greater efficiencies and/or value.
  3. Strategies for attracting and retaining a skilled work force and the role of resident hire policies in doing so.
  4. The state’s economic goals with regard to human resource development.
  5. Strategies for implementation of a comprehensive policy, including identification of the entities responsible for its implementation.

The ten-member council shall be comprised of:

  1. Chair of the Alaska Job Training Council or designee
  2. Chair of the Governor’s Council on Vocational and Career Education or designee
  3. Three public members appointed by the governor
  4. Director of the Office of Management and Budget or designee
  5. Commissioner of Labor or designee
  6. Commissioner of Education or designee
  7. Commissioner of Community and Regional Affairs or designee
  8. Commissioner of Health and Social Services or designee

The chair shall be appointed by the governor.

The recommended state policy for human resource development shall be submitted to the Governor by October 31, 1994, at which time the council will terminate.

The Office of Management and Budget will provide professional and administrative staff for purposes of carrying out the council’s duties.

This order takes effect immediately.

Dated this 10 day of 8, 1994.

By: S/S Walter J. Hickel
Walter J. Hickel
Governor of the State of Alaska

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