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Administrative Order No. 145

Under the authority of Art. III, secs. 1 and 24 of the Alaska Constitution and AS 44.17.060, I, Walter J. Hickel Governor of the State of Alaska, in the interest of providing the Legislature and public with improved means for assessing the effectiveness of government programs, order the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to implement a long-term agency planning process.


OMB, in cooperation with executive branch agencies, will establish guidelines by which each executive branch agency will develop a long-term plan. Plans will cover a six-year period and will be considered in preparation of the Governor’s operating budget that will be submitted to the Legislature on December 75, 1995. Thereafter, long-term plans are to be updated biennially with performance measurements that are compared to those included in the agency’s previous plan.

OMB’s guidelines for plan preparation shall include, at a minimum:

  1.  a statement of the goals of the agency and of the particular programs it administers;
  2. an analytical framework to evaluate program performance, including its effectiveness in serving its clients; this evaluation process shall in valve an opportunity for comment by a program’s affected public and interested legislators;
  3. an explanation of expected changes in the services provided by the agency due to recent or anticipated changes in federal or state law, or other circumstances;
  4. strategies for achieving goals of the agency and improving service delivery;
  5. a timeline for agency preparation and submission of completed plans to OMB; and
  6. other information OMB determines is necessary for the long-term planning of the agency and evaluation of the program performance.


I direct OMB, as the lead agency, to form a working group of representatives from various executive branch agencies to immediately begin this long-term planning process.

This order takes effect immediately.

Dated this 29 day of June, 1994.

By: S/S Walter J. Hickel
Walter J. Hickel
Governor of the State of Alaska

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