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Administrative Order No. 126

In furtherance of the State of Alaska’s commitment to establish and maintain a system of personnel administration based upon the merit principle and adapted to the requirements of the state as expressed in AS 39.25.010, I, Walter J. Hickel, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority granted by Article III, Sections 1 and 23, of the Alaska Constitution, and in accordance with AS 44.17.060, order the following changes in the organization of the personnel administration functions, programs, and staff of the principal departments and their subdivisions:

1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this order is to streamline and increase accountability of personnel administration within the executive branch of state government by centralizing all significant personnel functions, programs, and staff in the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity.

2. CHANGE OF REPORTING ASSIGNMENTS. Department personnel staff and functions are reassigned to the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity in accordance with the schedule established in paragraph 4 of this order. Department personnel affected by this order will report to the Director of the Division of Personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity upon their transfer under paragraph 4 of this order. Department personnel officers will remain assigned to respective departments until the effective date of an Executive Order, regulation, or a subsequent Administrative Order transferring them to the Department of Administration.

3. RESPONSIBILITY FOR IMPLEMENTATION. The Commissioner of the Department of Administration is delegated authority for the overall implementation of this order. Department heads and agency staff are expected to provide their complete cooperation in effecting this reorganization, including the delegation of appropriate supervisory functions to the Commissioner of Administration.

4. TIMEFRAMES. The Commissioner of Administration will establish a schedule and set the timeframes for the transfer of department personnel functions and staff. Full implementation of this order will be completed no later than July 1, 1992, or as soon as practical thereafter.

5. RESOURCE ALLOCATION. The Commissioner of Administration is charged, in addition, with responsibility for determining the appropriate allocation and transfer of personal services, travel, contractual, equipment, space, data processing, and any other budgetary resources to ensure the effective implementation of this order.

This order takes effect immediately

DATED at Anchorage, Alaska, this 26 day of August, 1991.

By: S/S Walter J. Hickel
Walter J. Hickel
Governor of the State of Alaska

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