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Administrative Order No. 106

Under the authority of Art. 1111 Secs. 1 and 24 of the Alaska Constitution, and in accordance with 2 AAC 07.810(d), I hereby direct that all executive branch state offices be open for business on February 12, the holiday known as Lincoln’s Birthday.

With the exception of the three marine transportation unions, February 12 will be a normal workday for all executive branch employees. Exempt and partially exempt employees and classified employees who are not subject to a collective bargaining agreement shall have a day of personal leave credited to their leave accounts in lieu of observance of this holiday.

This Order takes effect February 10, 1988.

DATED at Juneau, Alaska this 8th day of February, 1988.

By: S/S Steve Cowper
Steve Cowper
Governor of the State of Alaska

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