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Administrative Order No. 105

It is in the best interest of the people of Alaska, and necessary for the efficient administration of government, that a review be conducted, as requested by the Legislature, of the distribution of responsibility for transportation facilities, and that the Governor and the Legislature be advised of changes which can be made to increase the efficiency and equity of Alaska’s transportation delivery system.

THEREFORE, I, Steve Cowper, pursuant to the authority vested in me by Article III of the Alaska Constitution and by AS 44.17.060 and AS 44.19.145(c), order the following:

Section 1. Creation and Composition.

The Governor’s Task Force To Evaluate Responsibility For Transportation Facilities (hereafter Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Facilities) is hereby created within the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. The task force shall be chaired by the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and shall consist of six members representing local governments, one member representing the unorganized borough, one legislator from each house nominated by the presiding officer of the house, and one representative of a transportation user group. All members of the task force will be appointed by me.

Section 2. Administration.

Members of the Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Facilities will receive no compensation for their services but will be entitled to per diem and travel allowance authorized by law for members of other boards and commissions under AS 39.20.180. The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities shall provide whatever administrative services to the task force that the commissioner determines are necessary to enable it to perform its responsibilities under this order.

Section 3. Responsibilities.

The Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Facilities shall evaluate the feasibility of transferring the responsibility of direct maintenance on certain transportation facilities from the state to local governments, and examine reasonable and equitable funding sources for maintenance activities, including a review of the motor fuel tax and of the existing road service account in the state’s revenue sharing program. The task force shall also study the issues of road ownership, liability, and the transfer of equipment and employees.

Section 4. Report

The Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Facilities shall submit a report to me and the Legislature by June 30, 1988. The report shall represent a majority view of the Task Force with the opportunity for each dissenting member to include a dissenting view. In the report, the task force shall adopt recommendations for any course of action, including maintenance of the status quo, that it believes will provide the best level of service given limited resources, or based on an assumption of expanded resources so long as a specific proposal is also made regarding provision of these resources. In all instances, the task force shall give its reasons for adopting the recommendations and specifically state how those recommendations address state and local financial considerations, statewide transportation planning, and the equity of distributed responsibilities.

Section 5. Duration

The Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Facilities shall cease to exist on July 1, 1988, unless it is extended by subsequent administrative order or legislation.

This order takes effect immediately.

DATED at Juneau, Alaska Nov. 10, 1987

By: S/S Steve Cowper
Steve Cowper
Governor of the State of Alaska

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