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Administrative Order No. 101

Under the authority of Article III, Sections 1 and 24, of the Alaska Constitution, I hereby direct that 40 hours of actual attendance on duty, with allowance for authorized holidays and leaves of absence with pay, constitutes the minimum workweek for all full-time employees of the executive branch who are in the exempt service under AS 39.25.110.

The director of personnel shall immediately prepare amendments to the Personnel Rules to establish a 40-hour workweek for all other full-time employees of the executive branch who are not covered by collective bargaining and submit them for action by the State Personnel Board in accordance with AS 39.25.140.

This Order takes effect October 16, 1987.

DATED at Juneau, Alaska, September 30, 1987.

By: S/S Steve Cowper
Steve Cowper
Governor of the State of Alaska

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