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Administrative Order No. 65

All agencies of the executive branch of the state government shall use State Information Districts designated by this order to develop and report information on conditions within their respective jurisdiction and on their programs as may be required by specific request by the Division of Budget and Management.

The State Information District boundaries shall coincide with the boundaries of the following as they now exist or may exist in the future:

(1) all unified home rule municipalities,

(2) all organized boroughs; and

(3) all rural educational attendance areas.

Census subarea 1783 (Skagway) shall be used as a boundary until such time it is subsumed within one of the above categories.

By June 30, 1981, the Department of Natural Resources shall issue a map at a scale which accurately depicts these boundaries and also provide a metes and bounds description, utilizing latitude and longitude as points to the extent practicable.

To the extent that the use of State Information Districts for reporting purposes will result in significant expense or inefficiency within state government, their use will be excused by the Division of Budget and Management.

The Division of Policy Development and Planning is designated the lead agency to implement this order, and to ensure that the system for developing and reporting information is consistent throughout the executive branch, it is authorized and directed to supervise the development of the system in each agency and coordinate the development of the system between agencies, beginning no later than May 1, 1981, and ending no later than May 1, 1982.

Beginning with the budget for fiscal year 1983, agency program and financial plans prepared under AS 37.07.050 and agency performance reports prepared under AS 37.07.090 shall be prepared so as to locate programs and expenditures with reference to the boundaries established by this order; however, except as they would otherwise do so, agencies are not required to prepare budgets, programs, or objectives on the basis of these boundaries.

This administrative order takes effect immediately.

DATED March 20, 1981, at Juneau, Alaska.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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