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Administrative Order No. 64

I, Jay Hammond, Governor of the State of Alaska, under the authority granted by Article III of the Alaska Constitution and Alaska Statute 44.19.145(c), find and order the following:

* Section 1. FINDINGS. Historically, the State has dedicated a significant portion of its financial resources to support public schools and will continue to do so in the future, recognizing that the best interests of all Alaskans are served by maintaining educational excellence. It is therefore imperative that mechanisms be developed by which the State, local school boards, and the public at large can assess their elementary and secondary educational Systems to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness.

* Section 2. TASK FORCE ON EFFECTIVE SCHOOLING. There is created in the Department of Education the Task Force on Effective Schooling, for a period beginning immediately, and ending upon submission of the final report.

* Section 3. ORGANIZATION. (a) the task force is to
be composed of the President of the State Board of Education
and 12 members designated by me, two of whom are ex officio
members selected from the staff of my office and the Lieu-
tenant Governor’s Office. The ex officio members may
participate in deliberations, but may not vote. Other
members will include:

(1) One teacher;

(2) One administrator;

(3) One local board member;

(4) One representative of the University of Alaska.

(5) Six people representing parents and the general public.

(b) The President of the State Board of Education shall serve as Chairman.

* Section 4. DUTIES. The task force shall:

(1) Formulate and adopt a statement clarifying the responsibilities of public schools;

(2) Identify from educational research related to instruction, administration, and management of public education, practices which are essential to effective schooling; this process must take into account practices which the task force believes are generally applicable to Alaskan students and schools, and for which the nature and quality of the evidence promotes reasonable confidence that the practice is effective;

(3) After review by the State Board of Education, submit a final report to the Governor no later than September 1, 1981, which includes, at a minimum, a listing of practices essential to effective schooling and recommendations necessary to the implementation of effective practices statewide.

* Section 5. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. Administration of task force affairs and staff support shall be provided by the Department of Education.

* Section 6. PER DIEM AND TRAVEL ALLOWANCE. Members of the task force are entitled to receive per diem and a travel allowance for attendance at task force meetings, as provided by AS 39.20.180 for other boards and commissions.

DATED: Jan. 6 1981.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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