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Administrative Order No. 60

Under the authority of art. III, secs. 1, 23, and 24, of the Alaska Constitution, I, Jay S. Hammond, Governor of the State of Alaska, order the following:

  1. The Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission, established by AS 16.43.020, is transferred from the Office of the Governor to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, in the interest of efficient administration and the logical organization of functions.
  2. The location of the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission in the Office of the Governor was for budgetary and administrative reasons. The relocation of the Commission to the Department of Fish and Game is similariy for reasons of budgeting and administration. The Department of Fish and Game has no authority to regulate the policies or activities of the Commission, except those that are purely administrative in nature.
  3. This order takes effect July 1, 1980.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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