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Administrative Order No. 52

Under AS 38.05.180(b) the Commissioner of Natural Resources must submit to the Legislature annually a proposed oil and gas leasing schedule. That schedule, essentially reflects the Commissioner’s recommendation to the Legislature based on the Department of Natural Resources area of expertise and jurisdiction However, because oil and gas leasing is often a major state action with important economic, environmental and social consequences it is my desire to have the views of those state departments with direct responsibility for matters directly affected by a decision to lease state land for oil and gas exploration and development.

Accordingly, I am establishing an Agency Advisory Committee on Leasing to consist of the Commissioners of Natural Resources, Revenue, Fish and Game, Community and Regional
Affairs, Transportation and Public Facilities, Environmental Conservation, Labor, the Attorney General, and the Director of the Division of Policy Development and Planning and an ex officio from the community or borough where the leasing acticn is planned. The Committee shall be chaired jointly by the Commissioner of Natural Resources and Director of Policy Development and Planning. The Committee shall establish procedures for submitting to me a report (at least three months prior to a major lease sale) evaluating that lease sale from its economic, social and environmental impacts. The Committee shall also provide me with comments on any leasing schedule recommended by the Commissioner of Natural Resources, including the initial five-year program submitted to the Legislature.

Dated at Juneau, Alaska, this 24th day of January, 1979.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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