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Administrative Order No. 48

Under the authority vested in me by Article III, Section 1, Section 23 and Section 24 of the Alaska Constitution, it is ordered that the Department of Administration assume the responsibility for centralizing the State of Alaska’s Employee Housing Program.

The essence of this order is to establish a centralized Employee Housing Program. This program’s basic precept will be that Employee Housing, regardless of location, will be obtained from the private sector where and when possible. The over-riding considerations are however, that;

  1. Delivery of services to the public is our major goal;
  2. The actual existence of some service programs may depend on availability of suitable housing in a given area of the state;
  3. For various reasons, private-sector housing may not be available when and where needed.

Therefore, when it is determined that;

  1. The existence of a program is necessary in a given area;
  2. Employee housing in the area is in fact necessary;
  3. All options for suitable housing in that area have been explored;
  4. Suitable, available, privately owned housing does not exist in the area; and
  5. Future plans by the private sector for housing are not feasible or do not solve the immediate problems

The State will take action as is necessary to make available for rent or purchase by the employee, at reasonable market rates, required housing in order that the delivery of the service can be accomplished.

Location of existing or State owned/leased housing within a community will be taken into consideration. As one example, it is the general consensus that State Employee Housing must be provided at remote hatchery sites and that the most practical solution is for the State to own that housing as an integral part of the hatchery.

The Commissioner of Administration or a designated member of his staff will be contacting you concerning the “phase-in” of the program.

You may wish to take advantage of the intervening time period, in order to compile details relating to your agency’s employee housing needs, both present and future.

In performance of this Administrative Order, it will be required:

  1. That all duties, full-time personnel, budgeted funds, state owned personal property, and facilities relating to the activities of administering, supplying, repairing, and disposing of all housing, for employees of the State of Alaska, owned or controlled by all Departments is transferred to the Department of Administration, Division of General Services and Supply, with full authority to implement all requirements considered necessary for the successful administration of State employee housing;
  2. That the ‘responsibility for compliance with the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (34.03) and enforcement of regulations adopted for the management and maintenance of the State employee housing units is in the Department of Administration;
  3. That during the transitional period, the present owning/controlling Departments in cooperation with the Department of Administration shall continue to do all things necessary or appropriate in the maintenance of administrative services, payroll maintenance, the upkeep of equipment and facilities, and the exercise of other necessary responsibility or as directed by the Department of Administration until the transfer of all housing responsibilities to the Department of Administration can be effected;
  4. That as the Commissioner of Administration determines the readiness of the Department of Administration to assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair activity, leasing and accounting functions, budgetary functions, and facility management, he shall issue directives effecting the transfers which have the same effect as this order, and all necessary assistance and cooperation shall be afforded the Department of Administration, both initially and thereafter, as determined essential by the Commissioner of Administration to the necessary operation of the housing program.

This order takes effect July 24, 1978.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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