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Administrative Order No. 45

Under the authority of art. III, section 1 of the Alaska Constitution, I am today establishing a Bodily Injury Reparations Advisory Committee, composed of 19 members who represent a broad spectrum of consumer and provider interests, including 4 members of the Legislature (2 from each house). Members, except for legislative members, serve at the pleasure of the governor. I will designate one of the members chairman. The staff of my office will provide for the administrative needs of the committee.

Alaska is experiencing changing conditions in the availability and expense of personal injury insurance.

The committee shall review these conditions, and shall make recommendations analyzing the advisability of making fundamental changes concerning:

  1. adequacy of present reparation systems;
  2. legal principles of bodily injury reparation;
  3. legal procedures and expenses;
  4. the functioning of bodily injury insurance systems;
  5. the availability of insurance;
  6. possible alternative methods of bodily injury reparations.

The committee shall prepare and submit to the governor by

January 25, 1979, a report discussing the factors mentioned above and any others the committee determines to be of relevance. The report must include the committee’s recommendations concerning legislation, administrative regulations and policy.

The committee’s existence will terminate on May 31, 1979, unless extended by the governor.

DATED: December 12, 1977

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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