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Administrative Order No. 33

Under the authority of art. III, sec. 1, Alaska Constitution, and of AS 44.19.145(c) which specifically states that the Governor may establish coordinating or advisory planning groups, I order the following:

  1. Administrative Order No. 33, dated July 15, 1976 and amended October 8, 1976 and October 5, 1977, is revoked and reissued. This reissued order includes the original order as amended, and transfers the Alaska Transportation Planning Council from the Division of Policy Development and Planning to the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.
  2. The Alaska Transportation Planning Council is established in the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. The council is composed of nine members who are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor.
    1. The members of the council must be individuals who are members of the traveling public, who reflect a wide range of viewpoints, and who have strongly indicated a dedication to public interests.
    2. The council includes two statewide, at-large members, one member from each of the four judicial districts of the State of Alaska, one member from the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS) citizens advisory committee, one member from the Fairbanks Metropolitan Area committee, and one municipal member from the Southeast Conference of Alaska Cities.
    3. The members of the council are entitled to receive reimbursement for travel expenses and per diem incurred on council business in accordance with AS 39.20.180.
    4. The term of membership is three years. Initial appointments are: three members for one year; three members for two years; three members for three years. Members’ terms will be established by the Governor at the time of appointment. Members may be reappointed for successive terms.
  3. Officers of the council are as follows: The chairperson will be appointed by the Governor from members of the council. The chairperson has a full vote. The chairperson may designate a vice-chairperson who shall preside in the chairperson’s absence from meetings.
  4. The Department of Transportation shall furnish an executive secretary to provide administrative support for the council. The department shall furnish other staff support to the council, as necessary.
  5. The council shall meet at the call of the Governor, the Commissioner, the chairperson, or a majority of the members.
  6. The council shall develop recommendations to the Governor regarding:
    1. Policy for the development and implementation of a comprehensive long-range multi-modal state transportation plan. In making the recommendations for the plan, the council shall consider alternatives:
      1. for improving existing modes and facilities to ensure safe and efficient transportation services;
      2. of providing transportation in the state, considering the economic costs and benefits and the social and environmental impacts;
      3. to existing modes of transportation in urban areas and the development of plans to improve urban transportation;
      4. for improving transportation for the elderly, handicapped, and poor;
      5. for improving the movement of goods and services, including transportation support for resource development;
      6. for energy conservation measures;
      7. for user funding of operational and maintenance costs.
    2. Policy for the development and coordination of regional transportation planning, including development of regional short- and long-range inter-modal transportation plans and systems.
    3. Policy for the development of six-year facility and construction program plans, including first and lifecycle cost budgets; functional performance criteria; and schedules for completion.
    4. Policy for the provision of effective coordination of state transportation planning with national transportation policy, state and local land use policies, and local and regional transportation plans and programs.
    5. Procedures for effective public involvement in transportation planning and operations, considering the development of regional transportation advisory boards, and, where applicable, the use of the Alaska Growth Policy Council Public Forum.
    6. Procedures for the review and revision of state transportation policies and plans.
    7. Other activities considered necessary by the council or as directed by the governor.
  7. The council shall produce at least one report annually detailing the findings, recommendations, and areas of study of the council.

This reissued order takes effect on January 20, 1981.

Done at Juneau, Alaska on January 20, 1981.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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