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Administrative Order No. 32

Under the authority of art. III, sec. 1, Alaska Constitution, and of AS 44.l9.880(c) which states that the governor may establish coordinating or advisory planning groups within the Division of Policy Development and Planning, I hereby formally affirm the December 29, 1975 creation of the Alaska Fisheries Council.

  1. The council shall be composed of no more than 20 members who are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor.
    1. The members of the council must be individuals who are members of the fishery communities, both sports and commercial, fisheries scientists, both state and federal, and others who are knowledgeable in this field.
    2. Members of the council are entitled to receive reimbursement for travel expenses. and per diem incurred on council business in accordance with AS 39.20.180.
    3. The term of membership is one year. Members may be reappointed for successive terms.
  2. There shall be officers of the council; as follows:
    1. The chairman will be appointed by the governor from members within the council. The chairman may vote only in the event of a tie. The chairman may designate a vice-chairman who shall preside in his absence from meetings.
    2. The council may secure necessary personal services and contract with professional experts to accomplish their tasks.
  3. Scheduled meetings may be of the full council or of subcommittee.
  4. The council shall develop a long-range plan for the restoration of salmon fisheries including the development of a statewide system of private, non-profit hatcheries, and recommend alternatives for revitalization of Alaska’s depressed salmon industry by:
    1. formulating production goals and the means used to obtain these goals;
    2. undertaking independent analyses of production potentials and means to achieve these potentials in the most economic fashion;
    3. considering what part of the production to be achieved by artificial propagation should be delegated to public Systems and what part might be reserved for private enterprise;
    4. providing a stimulus to public, public-interest-group, legislative, agency, or other input to the state government in the areas of the council study;
    5. recommending new legislation which may be required to stimulate industry involvement in planning and implementing a salmon enhancement program;
    6. engaging in other activities considered necessary by the council or as directed by the governor; and
    7. producing at least one report annually detailing the findings, recommendations, and areas of study of the council.

This order takes effect on April 30 1976.
Done at Juneau, Alaska, on April 30, 1976.

S/S Jay S. Hammond
Jay S. Hammond
Governor of Alaska

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