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Board: Alaska Civilian-Armed Services Team

Board identification number: 514


Authority: Administrative Order 291

Status: Active

Sunset date: January 1, 2023

Requirements: No Legislative Confirmation or Financial Disclosure required

Prohibitions: None

Term: 3 years

Chair: Co-Chairs – Governor selects one

Description: ACAST shall consist of nine members, eight appointed by the Governor: three public members with extensive military experience or expertise, especially in Alaska and/or the circumpolar north, one each with experience in the Army, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard of the United States; two public members with private-sector business expertise who live in, are from, or have connections to different geographic regions of the state; two public members with municipal or tribal government experience, preferably from a community adjacent to a military installation or homeport of the U.S. Coast Guard vessels or facilities; one public member with statewide business or economic development experience; and the Adjutant General of the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs or a designee.

Function: The ACAST will facilitate collaboration among military, civilian and State government leaders in an open, public environment, to develop military force structure options and growth in Alaska and Arctic resourcing, training, and readiness, both on and off designated military installations.

Special facts: ACAST shall provide a written report to the Governor annually, and additional regular reports in person or orally as often as needed. Members serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem

Meetings: At least quarterly

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Robin Gabel
Special Assistant
Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
49000 Army Guard Rd Ste C222 Dmva-Otag
JBER, AK 99505-0800
Phone: 907-428-6003

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