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Apply for a Board Appointment

The Boards and Commissions office actively recruits, interviews, and vets board candidates throughout the year. We often reach out to civic and community organizations, businesses, industry associations, legislators, and others and we welcome ALL Alaskans to apply for service on a board or commission. Applications can be submitted at anytime, even if the desired vacancy occurs in the future.

At any given time, approximately 1200 Alaskans are serving on over 135 boards and commissions. Alaska’s boards and commissions relate to nearly every industry and interest, and have varying levels of demands, functions, authority, and involvement. In an average year, Governor Dunleavy makes approximately 200 to 300 appointments. The majority of these appointments are volunteer positions and are usually eligible for standard travel expenses and per diem for official business.

Applications may be emailed or mailed upon request. For more information