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Board: Denali Access System Program Advisory Committee

Board identification number: 224


Authority: Federal: SAFETEA-LU

Status: Active

Sunset date:

Requirements: No Legislative Confirmation or Financial Disclosure required

Prohibitions: In general, except for the Chairman of the Denali Commission who shall remain a member of the advisory committee, members shall be appointed for 4 years. Members are appointed to staggered initial terms- 2 one year, 2 two year, 2 three year and 2 four year appointments. Subsequent appointments shall be for four years.

Term: 4 years

Chair: Chairman of Denali Commission

Description: 9 Members to be appointed by the Governor of Alaska as follows: Chairman of the Denali Commission; 4 members who represent existing regional Native corporations, Native nonprofit entities, or tribal governments, including one member who is a civil engineer; 4 members who represent rural Alaska regions or villages, including one member who is a civil engineer.

Function: Members advise the Commission on the surface transportation needs of Alaska Native villages and rural communities, including projects for the construction of essential access routes within remote Alaska Native villages and rural communities and for the construction of roads and facilities necessary to connect isolated rural communities to the road system, and advise the commission on considerations for coordinated transportation planning among the Alaska Native villages.

Special facts:

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem


For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Jocelyn Fenton
Denali Commission
510 L Street, Suite 410
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 271-4714
Fax: (907) 271-1413

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