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Board: Alaska Veterans Advisory Council

Board identification number: 196


Authority: AS 44.35.105

Status: Active

Sunset date:

Requirements: No Legislative Confirmation or Financial Disclosure required

Prohibitions: None

Term: 3 years

Chair: Elected by council.

Description: The council consists of 13 members appointed by the governor. One or more persons appointed to the council will be from a veterans organization, one or more persons from a state agency that manages programs affecting veterans, and one or more persons from the general public who are familiar with veterans issues.

Function: The council advises the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and, through the governor, other departments and agencies of the state on matters concerning state veterans, their dependents, and their survivors. The council shall a) annually make recommendations to the governor and the Department concerning the needs of and benefits for the state’s veterans, for developing public and private partnerships to meet those needs, for providing information regarding veterans’ benefits and services, for improving recognition of state veterans, and on other matters; and b) shall hold meetings and establish committees and internal procedures as necessary and appropriate to carry out its duties.

Special facts:

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem

Meetings: Twice a year or as appropriate; meetings will be by teleconference.

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Verdie Bowen
Veterans Affairs Administrator
Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 5800
Ft. Richardson, AK 99505-5800
Phone: (907) 334-0874

Board Roster