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Board: Board of Game

Board identification number: 040

Department: FISH & GAME

Authority: AS 16.05.221; AS 39.50.200

Status: Active

Sunset date:

Requirements: Legislative Confirmation and Financial Disclosure

Prohibitions: None

Term: 3 years

Chair: No provision.

Description: The board consists of 7 members appointed by Governor: appointed on the basis of interest in public affairs, good judgment, knowledge, and ability in the field of action of the board, and with a view to providing diversity of interest and points of view in the membership. Members shall be residents of the state, appointed without regard to political affiliation or geographical location of residence; commissioner of the Dept. of Fish and Game is not a member, but serves as ex-officio secretary.

Function: Conservation and development of game resources.

Special facts: The terms of the members of the board begin on July 1. Notwithstanding AS 39.05.080(1), by April 1 of the calendar year in which the term expires, the governor shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy that will arise on the board because of the expiration of the term of a member of the board and submit the name of the person to the legislature for confirmation. The board is a regulatory body. A quorum consists of a majority of members. Members may be removed for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or misconduct in office (AS 16.05.280). Board generally meets three each year, for a approximately 20-27 days. The Board of Game and the Board of Fisheries occasionally meet in joint session. Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem. Range 20A for regulatory meetings; other mtgs 1/2 Range 20A.

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem Range 20A for regulatory meetings; other mtgs 1/2 Range 20A.

Meetings: Historically meets 20-27 days a year. Joint F&G boards meet occassionally.

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Kristy Tibbles
Executive Director
Board of Game
P.O. Box 25526
Juneau, AK 998025526
Phone: (907) 465-6098
Fax: (907) 465-6094

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