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Board: Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Board identification number: 027


Authority: AS 18.66.010; AS 44.66.010; AS 39.50.200

Status: Active

Sunset date: June 30, 2022

Requirements: Financial Disclosure

Prohibitions: Persons who receive compensation from or are employees of a domestic violence, sexual assault, or crisis intervention or prevention programs, or who are state employees, may not be appointed to the council as public members; public members cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

Term: 3 years

Chair: Council selects.

Description: The council consists of 9 members, 4 of which are public members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the governor. In appointing public members, the governor may consult with the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. While the Network shall submit recommendations for appointments to public seats, the governor is not obligated to appoint from that list. One of the public members must be from a rural community of 7,500 or fewer residents not connected by road or rail to Anchorage or Fairbanks, or from a community of 3,500 or fewer residents that is connected by road or rail to Anchorage or Fairbanks. Other members of the council are the Attorney General or his designee, and the commissioners or their designees of the departments of Public Safety, Health and Social Services, Education, and Corrections.

Function: Provides planning and coordination of services to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and their families as well as to perpetrators, and provides crisis intervention and prevention programs.

Special facts: A quorum consists of 5 members. The Council submits an annual report to Governor and Legislature. Members serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem No additional compensation.

Meetings: At least 4 times a year (usually quarterly); 1 meeting to include statewide public teleconference hearing; 14 days max.

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Diane Casto
Executive Director
Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
DPS, P.O. Box 111200 M/S 1200
Juneau, AK 99811-1200
Phone: (907) 465-5503
Fax: (907) 465-3627

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