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Supreme Court Decision Forces Biden Administration To Withdraw Broad Employer Vaccine Mandate States Warn Against Seeking Narrower Rule

Jan 27, 2022

Alaska and the coalition of states’ victory at the U.S. Supreme Court against the federal vaccine mandate for large employers has forced OSHA to permanently withdraw that rule. 

“Alaskan employers, businesses, and individuals can count on my administration to fight against unwelcome federal control and support their fundamental right to make health related decisions,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Unfortunately, OSHA has indicated it will try again to take away freedom of choice rights with a possibly different rule. 

“OSHA’s role is to address specific workplace safety issues. That does not include stretching the law to take away personal liberties,” said Attorney General Treg Taylor. 

Attorney General Taylor has joined a coalition of 27 states opposing this effort. The coalition’s recent letter to OSHA can be found here.