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A Statewide Discussion for a Permanent Fiscal Plan


We are at a pivotal point in Alaska’s history, a once in a generation moment where we must begin making the tough decisions to put our state on a path towards a permanent fiscal plan. One thing is clear, in order to be successful, we must have the engagement and support of the Alaskan people. Alaskans overwhelmingly spoke during the last election cycle, and chose a government that would protect the PFD, fix our unsustainable spending, and put an end to the ‘nothing is too important to reform’ type attitude. Regardless of where this path takes us, Alaskans must buy into the decisions being made in Juneau.

To that end, we have been hosting “A Statewide Discussion for a Permanent Fiscal Plan,” a series of meetings, events and gatherings to further engage the Alaskan people. These presentations have outlined our vision for Alaska, take an in-depth look into the direction we’re headed, and further lay our proposals out in the open. As the Legislature moves towards day 120, it’s important that Alaskans fully understand where we’re headed. Will Legislators once again take Alaskans PFD to pay for a government we can no longer afford? Will politicians in Juneau recklessly spend down the last of our savings? Will Alaskans be saddled with billion-dollar taxes?  All of these details and discussions are critical to the process. In my view, if the Legislature wants to continue down this unsustainable path and further lock in the status quo, it must be put to a vote of the people. Doing anything different would fly in the face of the electorate and further exasperate the state’s fiscal challenges.

Governor Michael J. Dunleavy

Watch the full Statewide Discussion for a Permanent Fiscal Plan:

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