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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Jan 9, 2021

WHEREAS, the safety and wellbeing of every Alaskan is the first priority and highest calling of the State of Alaska; and

WHEREAS, we are honored to stand by Alaska’s dedicated law enforcement professionals who, day after day, safeguard our families and communities, enforce the rule of law, and respond in times of crisis; and

WHEREAS, the mission of law enforcement requires the ability to act courageously and quickly; to make the right call in the face of imminent danger; to run toward danger instead of away; and to act with empathy and compassion as one serves others in their time of greatest need; and

WHEREAS, the vast landscape and harsh environments that make Alaska so distinct, also provide unique circumstances for our law enforcement personnel, and the dedicated men and women of Alaska’s law enforcement agencies rise daily to the trials at hand, selflessly serving Alaskans in some of the most challenging environments in the world; and

WHEREAS, it is with immense gratitude that we set apart a day to reflect on and celebrate the selfless service and immeasurable contributions our law enforcement personnel make every day to ensure every Alaskan is safe in their home, workplace, and community; and

WHEREAS, we stand by our everyday heroes, including Alaska’s local Police forces, the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Park Rangers, Village Public Safety Officers, and Correctional Officers, and lend our wholehearted support to them as they continue to give of themselves for the benefit of all.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim January 9, 2021 as:

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to recognize and express appreciation for our law enforcement personnel and the role they play in the health and safety of our homes and communities.