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Report to Alaskans: Year 1

Report to Alaska Year 1

“I ran for Governor to help put Alaska on the right track for a better tomorrow. I promised during my campaign to repeal SB 91 and fix Alaska’s broken criminal justice laws, fight for a full PFD, reduce the size of government, open Alaska for business, and put in place a permanent fiscal plan. After only one year in office, I am happy to report we are making tremendous headway on these goals.”

– Governor Michael J. Dunleavy


Alaskans Earning More & More Alaskans Working

  • 3.9% GDP growth in the first half of 2019 
  • Lowest unemployment in Alaska’s history
  • 1,800 new jobs added this year
  • Alaska’s wages up $355 million
  • 5.6 % personal income growth

Alaska is Open for Business

  • Billions of dollars invested on the North Slope
  • Statewide common-sense approach to regulatory reform
  • Established the Alaska Development Team to attract new investment and opportunity
  • $500 million of new private investment at the Anchorage Airport
  • Revitalizing Alaska’s timber industry
  • Pushing to open & develop the ANWR 10-02 Area
  • Eliminated federal restrictions on over 1 million acres of Alaska land
  • Reduced workers comp rates by 3.7%

Protecting Alaska’s Families & Communities

  • Repealed failed Senate Bill 91, and passed comprehensive common sense crime reform
  • Brought dozens of new State Troopers into service
  • Eliminated dangerous policies in Alaska’s prisons and jails
  • Increased funding for new prosecutors and public defenders
  • Addressing decades-old backlog of untested sexual assault kits
  • Record funding of Alaska’s emergency shelters and victims service programs

Addressing our Fiscal Reality

  • Shined light on the budget process and engaged all Alaskans
  • Reduced the budget deficit by 1/3
  • Prioritized resources for public safety
  • Fully-funded K-12 education
  • Partnered with University to reduce spending and better serve students
  • Made largest Permanent Fund deposit in Alaska’s history

Protecting the PFD

  • Nobody has fought harder for a full PFD than Governor Dunleavy, and he will use all the tools available to continue the discussion with Alaskans about the importance of upholding the law, restoring the trust, and paying a full PFD.

Supporting Alaskans in Need

  • After years of neglect, the Alaska Psychiatric Institute has regained federal compliance
    and on a successful track
  • Created a statewide opioid action program
  • Initiated the process to reform our Medicaid system
  • Reduced backlog of applications for public assistance
  • Addressed ~3,000 Child in Need of Aid cases
  • Improved veteran healthcare access
  • Secured millions of dollars of new funding to combat homelessness

Preparing Our Children for Success

  • Secured $20.7 million grant for comprehensive K-3 early literacy program
  • Expanded eLearning Program across Alaska to 25,000 school district employees
  • Removed barriers to teacher certificate programs
  • Hosted computer coding academies to promote career opportunities for Alaska’s young adults

Smarter, Better Government

  • Established a state government oversight and review unit
  • Commissioners empowered to find cost savings in their agencies
  • Implemented Janus Supreme Court ruling
  • Launched initiative to centralize state government functions
  • Modernized online services and increased access to public information

Alaskans Helping Alaskans

  • Alaska faced the nation’s most costly wildfires this year
  • As homes burned during the McKinley Fire, Alaskans quickly opened their doors and hearts to those in need
  • The Rescue Coordination Center directed and executed 49 search and rescue missions, saving 65 lives.
  • Decisive action to aide the 13,000+ Alaskans impacted by the 2018 earthquake


Governor Mike Dunleavy