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Governor Unveils Constitutional Amendments – Foundation of Permanent Fiscal Plan for Alaska

Jan 30, 2019

January 30, 2019 (Juneau, Alaska) – This morning, in a video message to Alaskans, Governor Michael J. Dunleavy unveiled three constitutional amendments – the foundation of a permanent fiscal plan for Alaska. The measures work to: 1) protect the PFD; 2) enact a spending limit and savings rule; 3) require a vote of the people for any new tax or tax increase.

“Our State cannot achieve a permanent fiscal plan if Alaskans are not directly involved in the decisions about the types and levels of State services they desire and are willing to support. With this resolution, we can establish an effective way to implement the will of the people and move the State forward in a transparent and positive manner,” said Governor Dunleavy. 

“Permanent Fiscal Plan”

“Hello Alaskans. There is no doubt that Alaska has a great constitution.”

“Part of having a great constitution is the ability for you – the people – to amend it when issues arise.”

“Today, I’ll be sending to the Legislature three constitutional amendments for them to debate.”

“These amendments will add three sections to our constitution that will protect you the people.”

“By ensuring that the dividend is not changed without a vote of the people.”

“That taxes will not be created or increased without a vote of the people.”

“And the final amendment would create a spending and savings rule that will keep government from growing out of control.”

“These amendments are the basis for a permanent fiscal plan.”

“We need your help. This is your constitution. This is your government.”

“If we wish to win the people’s trust, we must trust you the people.”

“Thank you very much and have a great day.”

Protect the PFD: Requires voter approval for any changes to the existing dividend program.

  • Guarantee the PFD: PFD’s would not be subject to appropriations, they will be automatically transferred for payment to Alaskans.
  • Protect the PFD: PFD’s cannot be reduced by the Legislature or Governor’s veto.
  • The People’s PFD: Any changes to the statutory PFD formula will require a vote of the people. It’s Alaskans PFD and they should be entrusted with its future.

No New Taxes Without Input from Alaskans: This amendment will ensure that Alaskans are included when deciding the size and scope of their government.

  • Any new tax or tax rate increase passed by the Legislature will require a vote of the people.
  • Any new tax or tax rate increase passed by voter initiative will require approval by the Legislature.

Spending Cap: This amendment will provide an important mechanism for the people of Alaska to curb the growth of future government spending. It creates a straightforward, understandable, and most importantly – effective – limit on government growth.

  • Replaces the existing, ineffective constitutional spending limit with one that works.
    • The new limit will be calculated using a 3-year average of state spending, and only allowing for minimal increases.

Protect the PFD: Click here for bill text and transmittal letter.

Tax Limit: Click here for bill text and transmittal letter.

Spending Cap: Click here for bill text and transmittal letter.