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Governor Dunleavy’s Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Feb 24, 2022

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy issued today the following statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“We pray for the innocent lives taken and still at risk in Ukraine in this unprovoked war. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian aggression and barbarous invasion into Ukraine is–in the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy–an attempt to drop “a new Iron Curtain.” Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy.

“In the energy security implications of this invasion, Alaska’s resources are an advantage to our national security. The U.S. must not continue importing record levels of oil from Russia as we have been doing since fall. This war on democracy may last for some time. We pray for a swift and peaceful resolution for the Ukrainian people.

Mike Dunleavy is the 12th Governor of Alaska.