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Governor Dunleavy Vetoes SB 140 Due to Lack of Meaningful Education Reforms

Mar 14, 2024

This evening Governor Mike Dunleavy vetoed Senate Bill 140 due to its absence of educational reforms that had been offered in previous education bills filed.

Tonight, he offered the following statement on his decision.

“After a thorough analysis and careful consideration, I have decided to veto Senate Bill 140. SB 140 contains a record increase in the BSA. Although I SUPPORT an increase to the BSA – there were no new approaches, other than enhanced funding, to increase educational outcomes. SB 140 lacked sufficient changes in how charter schools are chartered in order to allow more students and families charter school possibilities.

The lack of such reforms, given our success, with charter schools did not justify the passage of this bill that increases spending without needed reforms.

There is still time in this session to address some of the issues such as increasing broadband speeds for our schools in Alaska. There is also still time in this session to enhance our charter school offerings and methods by which they are chartered.

I will continue to work with legislators, as I have throughout my time as governor, to bring about educational reforms that put the needs of Alaskan families first – not the wants of special interest groups.

Furthermore, I will review the appropriations bills following the legislative session to ensure schools are being adequately funded and the state’s limited resources are being spent appropriately.”

Governor Dunleavy will hold a brief press conference Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. in his Juneau cabinet room to further explain the veto.