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Governor Dunleavy Signs Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Prioritizing Education, Energy, and Public Safety for Alaskans

Jun 28, 2024

Today Governor Mike Dunleavy transmitted the Fiscal Year 2025 state operating and capital budgets. Governor Dunleavy line-item vetoed and signed the appropriation bills Thursday afternoon. The result is a fiscally-responsible budget that invests in Alaska’s public education system, enhances energy security, increases public safety, and improves affordability for Alaskans.

The FY2025 budget funds state government from July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025. The operating budget totals $12.2 billion and the capital budget totals $3.5 billion. The governor’s line-item vetoes reduced the operating budget by $105.7 million and the capital budget by $126.3 million.

This budget continues to restrain government growth while providing funding to maintain necessary services for Alaskans. The budget includes a Permanent Fund Dividend of approximately $1,718 for each eligible Alaskan.

“The framers of Alaska’s Constitution codified a strong chief executive to ensure responsible budgeting. This budget reflects their intentions. By maintaining focus and fiscal discipline, this budget increases funding where it is needed most while at the same time reducing total Unrestricted General Fund spending,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “It provides additional funding to school districts needed to address the cost of inflation and provides additional targeted funding for programs that will improve student outcomes. We also are making essential investments in energy that will lay the groundwork for more reliable and affordable energy for Alaskans for decades to come. As has been the case every year I’ve been Governor, we are ensuring our Alaska State Troopers and Village Public Safety Officers have the resources they need to protect Alaskans, and through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation we are helping more Alaskans be able to buy their own home and find quality housing.”

Key items in the FY2025 budget include:


  • $174.6 million one-time $680 Base Student Allocation (BSA) increase
  • $7.3 million one-time Pupil Transportation increase
  • $62.8 million for School Major Maintenance, Relocations, Renovations, and Replacements
  • $87.5 million for University of Alaska operations and deferred maintenance


  • $23.0 million for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Energy Efficiency Research and Energy Weatherization
  • $10.5 million for the Renewable Energy Grant Fund
  • $11.1 million to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for Alaska Railbelt Carbon Capture & Sequestration Project

Public Safety

  • $3.5 million for ten additional Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) positions and VPSO salary increases
  • $700 thousand for investigations, outreach, and education on missing and murdered Indigenous persons
  • $9.5 million for replacement of a patrol vessel for southeast Alaska to respond to emergencies, search and rescue operations, and enforce laws and regulations protecting Alaska coastline communities


  • $53.2 million for Alaska Housing Finance Corporation housing programs for home buyers, owners, and renters to provide safe, quality, affordable housing
  • $2.8 million for the Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services residential expansion project
  • $1.5 million for the for a Denali Commission housing program

Alaska’s Constitution gives the Governor the authority to completely veto or reduce line items in appropriation bills but does not authorize the Governor to increase amounts approved by the legislature. The vetoes in the FY2025 budget resulted from a thorough evaluation and consistent application of the priorities of the Dunleavy Administration to grow savings and ensure fiscal stability.

Since FY2019, budget growth has averaged 1.2 percent annually.

Click here for Office of Management and Budget FY2025 budget documents.

Governor Dunleavy pictured with members of the House Majority after signing the FY 2025 budget bills. From left to right:
Representatives Stanley Wright, Tom McKay, Thomas Baker, Craig Johnson, Kevin McCabe, Julie Coulombe, Laddie Shaw

Additional photos from the bill signing are available on