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Governor Dunleavy Names Thirteen Alaskans to the Alaska Food Security and Independence Task Force

Apr 26, 2022

April 26, 2022 (Anchorage) – Alaska imports approximately 95 percent of the food purchased by Alaskans, making our state especially vulnerable to any supply chain disruptions that will endanger the health and wellbeing of Alaska’s entire population. To encourage more in-state food production, and make Alaska more self-reliant, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy appointed 13 Alaskans to the Alaska Food Security and Independence Task Force. Each member brings extensive knowledge and decades of experience in food production and distribution.

“One of the lessons we learned from the pandemic is that Alaska is situated at the end of the west coast supply chain, and that puts us at great risk if a disaster or national emergency strikes,” said Governor Dunleavy. “The task force will review Alaska’s food production capabilities and make recommendations on what steps Alaska can take to increase food production and overall food security. I look forward to taking those recommendations and turning them into state initiatives that make Alaska more food secure.”

Governor Dunleavy’s Administrative Order 334 outlines the composition, duties and responsibilities of the task force. It will have 15 voting members and five voting members who are either state commissioners or the commissioner’s designee. Senator Peter Micciche and Representative Liz Snyder will fill the two non-voting positions assigned to legislators on the task force.

The Governor has appointed the following 13 individuals to the Alaska Food Security and Independence Task Force:

  • Jim Baldwin – nonprofit Alaska food organization
  • Silas “Tikaan” Galbreath – Food Policy Council member
  • Fred Villa – General Public
  • Kimberly McCourtney – Alaska Farm Bureau board member
  • John Anderson – Active Farmer/Stock Grower
  • Kelli Foreman – Active Farmer/Stock Grower
  • Todd Elsberry – Active Farmer/Stock Grower
  • Mike Mosesian – Active Farmer / Stock Grower
  • Tim Meyers – Active Farmer/ Stock Grower
  • Ronalda Angasan – Alaska Native Organization
  • Casey Cook – City / Borough Food Access
  • Mingchu Zhang – Academic Interest
  • Eric Wyatt – Mariculture

Board member John Anderson and Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development Commissioner Julie Sande were selected by Governor Dunleavy to serve as chair and vice-chair respectively.

The Governor will fill the for-profit food entity/wholesaler and commercial seafood production seats in the near future. Alaskans interested in applying can do so through the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions.