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Governor Dunleavy Issues Statement on Texas Lawsuit

Dec 10, 2020

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced today that Alaska joined the Texas lawsuit on election integrity.

“I agree with the attorney general that the integrity of this election is a critical bedrock principle of our republican form of government,” said Governor Dunleavy. “There are too many critical questions that need to be answered to give the American people confidence that their vote counts.”

“Signing onto cases such as this should never be taken lightly. While this case concerns election integrity, it also has an impact on state’s rights. As Alaskans, we should all be careful about involving ourselves in the inner workings of other states. However, the issue of election integrity impacts all of us, and the question of free and fair elections must be answered in order for all Americans to have confidence in our system. We hope for an expedited decision from the Supreme Court.”