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Governor Dunleavy Issues Statement on PFD Vote

May 19, 2022

 Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy issued the following statement shortly after the Alaska Senate, by a super-majority vote of 15 out of 20 senators, passed a budget with one of the largest Permanent Fund Dividend in Alaska’s history through bipartisan effort:
“The budget process is messy, and no budget is perfect,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “However, the Senate’s focus on the people of Alaska should be commended. I thank the 15 members of the Senate who voted with the people in mind first and foremost. This Permanent Fund Dividend is one of the largest in state history, and it’s coming at a time when people are facing record-high inflation, cost of living increases, and other disruptive events around the world. I hope that the House also recognizes the difficult times people are in and that the windfall the state enjoys will be shared through the dividend fund to alleviate some of the burdens.”
The budget now goes to the final up or down vote in the House of Representatives, where a super-majority vote of 30 out of 40 is required to uphold the Permanent Fund Dividend amount.
Governor Dunleavy continued, “It is my hope, and that of thousands of Alaskans who are currently discussing their own household budgets, that the House votes to concur with the Senate and pass one of the largest PFDs in state history.”