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Governor Dunleavy Discusses Budget, Legislative Session, COVID-19 on Latest Podcast Episode

Jan 18, 2022

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy released a new episode of his podcast, An Update from the 3rd Floor, marking the first day of the 2022 Legislative Session. Governor Dunleavy alongside the host, Dave Stieren, discuss the Fiscal Year 2023 budget, 2022 Legislative Session priorities and COVID-19. In this episode, Governor Dunleavy talks about prioritizing placing resources into the Department of Public Safety, to create a safer environment for all Alaskans.

“We have been talking about public safety and Alaska has a real issue with sexual assault and domestic violence,” said Governor Dunleavy. “We’ve eliminated the backlog on the sexual assault kits and we are up to date on our DNA testing for those that are intaking into our prison system. This DNA approach will help us solve cases, bring individuals to justice, and make this a safer state … Our overall crime rate is down considerably.”

The latest installment, titled “A Look Ahead,” also discusses infrastructure in Alaska and the use of the federal money from the Infrastructure Bill. The Governor says that this targeted funding, especially for infrastructure in Alaska, could be an investment that pays off throughout the years.

“The infrastructure money that comes from the federal government needs to be spent the right way on things like courts, harbors, highways, bridges and potential gas lines that will benefit Alaska for years to come,” said Governor Dunleavy. “If we are going to build Alaska and be as independent as possible – meaning we don’t have to rely on other states or other locales to feed us or get our medicine to us – we have to make sure we have the infrastructure in place that allows us to produce items and produce food so that we can take care of ourselves.”

Listen to the latest episode here, or click here to listen to previously released episodes.