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Governor Dunleavy Champions Economic Opportunities for Alaska Workers, Orders Removal of Four-Year Degree Requirements for Most State Jobs

Feb 14, 2023


Today Governor Mike Dunleavy issued Administrative Order 343 to address unprecedented workforce shortages in state jobs by removing the requirement of a four-year college degree for most state jobs.

“The State of Alaska is not the immune from the nationwide labor shortage,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “Today people can gain knowledge, skills and abilities through on the job experience. If we’re going to address our labor shortage, we have to recognize the value that apprenticeships, on-the-job training, military training, trade schools and other experience provides applicants. If a person can do the job, we shouldn’t be holding anyone back just because they don’t have a degree.”

Alaska faces an unprecedented workforce shortage, which is impacting the delivery of essential state services. Currently, there are not enough qualified applicants to fill all the state’s job vacancies. This Administrative Order is the first step in addressing the State’s workforce shortages and modernizing the State’s personnel system.

To address the shortage, Governor Dunleavy orders the following:

1. The Director of Personnel and Labor Relations shall identify the job classifications that currently require applicants to possess a four-year college degree. Thereafter, the Department of Administration will review which job classifications are appropriate to include practical experience in lieu of, or in addition to, a four-year college degree requirement. In conducting the review, the Department of Administration shall consult with affected state agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction.

2. Where practical, the Department of Administration shall propose and present amendments to the state’s personnel rules to the Personnel Board recommending the replacement of any requirements for a four-year college degree for all state jobs in which a degree is not legally required with comparable relevant work experience, skills, or competency-based training requirements.

3. Job Postings shall include relevant experience in lieu of a college degree whenever reasonable.

4. This Order shall be completed consistent with applicable law