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Governor Dunleavy Approves CARES Funding to Help Brother Francis Shelter

Sep 4, 2020

Responding to the call to help the Brother Francis Shelter effectively deal with the current outbreak they are experiencing, Governor Mike Dunleavy approved through the Department of Health and Social Services, $250,000 of CARES funding to provide for individuals medical and psychological health.

The dollars will directly help a group that is experiencing substance use disorders who will be required to remain in their isolation location.

Proactively supporting the complex symptoms of withdrawal will significantly impact efforts to successfully isolate and quarantine individuals.

“Fighting the spread of Covid-19 in Alaska is a priority for this administration,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “And these dollars will help Catholic Social Services help the individuals at Brother Francis Shelter who need to stay in one place to get healthy.”

“This is welcomed news,” said Catholic Social Services Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Aquino. “Homelessness is a complex issue and people experiencing homelessness have many challenges. In this time of Covid – 19, having support to provide resources and choices to people struggling with substance misuse and homelessness is so important. “

The funding will allow the Division of Behavioral Health to support and provide resources to ensure these needs are met.