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Governor Announces Military Appeals Commission Appointees

Oct 1, 2020

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy today announced appointees to the Military Appeals Commission (MAC), upholding his commitment to public safety. The Governor’s formation of the MAC serves as the final piece of the National Guard reform on sexual assault, harassment, and abuse.

The Military Appeals Commission is made up of three members and one alternate subject to legislative confirmation:

  • John Pharr
  • Robin Barrett
  • Clint Campion
  • Scott Oravec (Alternate)

“Ensuring the public safety of all Alaskans, including those who bravely serve our state and our nation, has been my top priority as Governor. I am pleased to at last bring this Commission into operation, and know these individuals will serve their peers with honor in this important role,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy.

“The Alaska National Guard has made great strides when it comes to military justice with the appointment of a Military Judge, and now with the establishment of the Military Appeals Commission,” said Major General Torrance Saxe.

The MAC is a vital part of the Military Courts-Martial process, providing Soldiers and Airmen of the Alaska National Guard accused of an offense punishable by Courts-Martial, with the necessary due process guarantee during or after proceedings. The authority of the Military Appeals Commission is outlined in AS 26.05.610-640.