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Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Day

Jul 3, 2024

WHEREAS, Alaska’s extensive road systems allow for transportation of Alaskans and visitors for work, school, or leisure with the reasonable expectation of respectful and attentive treatment from fellow drivers; and

WHEREAS, impaired driving remains a frequently-committed crime and a leading cause of death nationwide, and the impacts of impaired driving continue to leave permanent scars on countless families and communities; and

WHEREAS, driving while impaired jeopardizes the safety of everyone using public roadways, and the consequences of drunk driving are completely preventable when individuals simply choose to not get behind the wheel unless they are capable of driving safely; and

WHEREAS, alcohol-related driving accidents can be prevented by using good judgement and personal accountability, and every Alaskan can play a role in reducing the frequency of these incidents by speaking out and warning others of the dangers associated with impaired driving, confiscating the keys of prospective drivers that are intoxicated, and reminding drivers they are riding with to stay focused on the road and limit distractions; and

WHEREAS, we remember and honor the victims whose lives were tragically lost or irreversibly impacted by drunk driving. As all life is precious, it is imperative that Alaskans protect their own lives and the lives of their fellow Alaskans by choosing to not drive while impaired.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim July 3, 2024 as:

Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Day

in Alaska and encourage all Alaskans to remember the victims of drunk driving accidents by committing to never drive while impaired, or allow others to drive while impaired.

Dated: July 3, 2024